Health & Safety of Volunteers

A ‘volunteer’ is defined as someone who commits time and energy for the benefit of others, and who does so freely, through personal choice, and without expectation of financial reward, except for the payment of actual out-of-pocket expenses.

The duty of care is a general legal duty on all individuals and organisations to avoid carelessly causing injury to persons. It has been developed by the courts over many years. The duty is regardless of the size of the organisation, its income or whether the organisation has paid staff.

Health & Safety Guidelines for Moseley in Bloom Volunteers

  • In case of hot and sunny weather please ensure you wear sunscreen at all times. Bring sunscreen with you on the day. A hat is also advisable.
  • Where possible, please bring and use hard-wearing gardening gloves. We will provide you with a pair if you don’t have any. These are to be worn at all times when involved in any gardening activities, using sharp-edged tools, sledge hammers, mells or picks. Gloves should also be worn for litter picking. Please be aware of any potentially dangerous items such as broken glass.
  • Follow instructions closely for the use of tools or equipment. Only use correct tools designed for the job. Only use tools that are in good condition. Keep edged tools sharp and store or carry them with the blades protected. Never use a tool in a way that could cause you or someone else injury.
  • Wear heavy-duty footwear and protective clothing. If you suffer from knee problems and anticipate that you will be kneeling down to do weeding etc please bring a cushion or padding.
  • If you are working near the roadside you should ensure you are clearly visible. Reflective waistcoats are advisable. Roadside working also requires the use of traffic cones and signs.
  • If using paint or cleaning products please wear protective gloves and follow the product instructions closely.
  • Do not lift excessively heavy material. Do not bend or twist your back, keep it as straight as possible. Make sure you have a strong grip when lifting anything heavy, make sure you use the strength from your arms, thighs and legs – not your back.
  • Where a suitable supply of clean water is not available on site, Moseley in Bloom will endeavour to supply water in containers for drinking, hand washing and for cleaning minor wounds in the event of an accident. It is advisable for you to bring your own refreshments although Moseley in Bloom will ensure basic refreshments are available to you at no additional cost.
  • If it is unavoidable that volunteers be left to work alone they must have a mobile phone available to them and be contactable by other members of the group/staff.