Take an E-scooter between gardens!

Published by Jonathan Smith on

Moseley in Bloom have secured a trial session with Birmingham City Council and Voi, the official provider of rental e-scooters, to extend the current area covered in Moseley so that all the Open Gardens will come within the range available for scooting. Currently the area for Voi is only to the west of Alcester Road, but this one-off extension for Open Gardens day only, will allow you to use the scooters on the east of Alcester Road and as far north and south to cover all of our garden locations.

Specific safe parking spots will be identified, details of how to sign up and scoot safely will be available at gardens and Voi will have a team on hand to deal with any issues. To use Voi e-scooters you must be 18 years or over and have a full or provisional drivers licence.

More details to follow, including possible discounts for new riders who sign up on the day.

For general information about Voi visit Voiscooters.com

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