Open Gardens Success

Published by Jonathan Smith on

Moseley in Bloom are very pleased to announce that Open Gardens 2021 was a great success. There was a real buzz around Moseley and a sense of something big unfolding live and happening for real in our locality. The many visitors already know that it was a wonderful community event, bringing people together to share their delight in beautiful gardens, but it also contributed significantly to the charity’s fundraising goals.

In this single day we have raised enough money to fund another five school projects next year, plus more than half the floral displays around Moseley village.

Many thanks to everyone who helped make the day a success: garden openers, volunteers, and of course all the visitors. You have all contributed to the charity’s mission of making Moseley a cleaner and greener place to live, work and visit.

The refreshments team at 21 Dyott Road

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